Friday, 20 September 2013

Face Yoga Training: Slimming, Firming And Toning Chubby Chipmunk Cheeks Naturally

Facial exercises are highly effective in the battle to lose, and reduce face fat and tighten skin in the mid and lower face regions.

Chubby cheeks and double chin can make ones face look fat. In this video, we show you 3 face toning exercises(2 cheek exercises and 1 double chin exercise) that can help with sagging hog jowls and double chin problems.

Wendy Wilken's non-surgical facelift program is the ultimate yoga facial toning system using acupressure principles.

Wendy Wilken's acupressure facial training system incorporates the following:

Discover ways to treat, or totally terminate all types of lines on the face and neck: Brow lines, eye wrinkles and crow's feet, smile and laughter folds, nasal lines, fine lines around the mouth and lips, neck folds and creases.

Learn easy facial workout procedures to tighten and uplift saggy face and neck tissue: Jack up and brighten baggy face skin, chunky cheeks, dual chin, drooping hog jowls, and wilting tortoise neck.

Discover how to plump up and fill out hollow eye sockets, gaunt cheeks, and skinny lower neck ailments with homemade face exercise reshaping treatments.

Understand how to cure unsightly bags underneath the eyes, dark eye circles, and "raccoon" rings.

Learn to use facial aerobics exercises to re-sculpture and sharpen the features of your face and neck for a new and healthier looking you.

Discover where to find  the nodal points on the face, neck, hands, and arms, and how to manipulate them to turbo-boost your non-surgical facelift to new heights, in a quicker time period.

Just a few minutes a week is all that is really necessary to retain your glowing natural facelift when you have gotten it!

Wendy Wilken reveals to women and men ways to loosen up and unwind while rubbing the acupressure points for enhanced results.

Face acupressure treatments assist other zones of the body to perform better for example the spleen, digestion, liver, and kidneys. Face toning also treats sleep issues, digestion, headaches, and many others...

Determine how to harness the body's inherent power, and to guide it to specific regions in the head, face, and neck to terminate and overturn aging symptoms and cell erosion.

Gain knowledge of anti-aging skin care treatments to fast-forward the benefits of face exercises that will reinstate color, skin suppleness, and nourish the underlying neck and face muscle. This will help shed years off your appearance and rejuvenate the skin texture with new color and glow.

Find out which vitamins and mineral health supplements and skin care products are best to boost facial yoga regimens. Also discover the do's and don'ts for the skin!

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